According to scientifically proven studies, acorn-fed Iberian pork products, thanks to the composition provided by the breed and the rearing and fattening system, not only do not increase cholesterol, but also reduce the level of cholesterol that is harmful to the organism.

By eating a pure acorn-fed CENTENO POZO ham, as well as tasting a healthy food, we are collaborating with the conservation of a unique ecosystem in the world: THE DEHESA.

Ease of use

Our products are presented as follows:

  • Hams and Pork Shoulders: Whole pieces, wrapped in food paper and placed in cotton bags; boneless, whole or in the three pieces that are removed from the ham, all vacuum packed; sliced in 150 to 300 gram sachets.
  • Loins: whole and in half pieces vacuum packed; also presented sliced in 150 and 300 gram sachets.
  • Chorizo and Salchichón: whole and in half pieces vacuum packed, also presented sliced in sachets of 150 and 300 grams.

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