About us

Centeno Pozo is formed for a staff based on confidence, transparency and the good work since years. This has made that the staff is consider like a big family.

Centeno Pozo selects the “Dehesas” in which their pigs are fattened from their own farms and look for the best acorns with high level of oleic acid.

Centeno Pozo has complete confidence in the farmers in charge of management of the “montanera” (feeding on acorns). This is one of the key to make a good ham.

According to specialized studies, 100% acorn-Fed ham thanks to the composition based on the race and breeding and fattening system, this not only reduces choresterol level but also prevents an increase of harmful choresterol levels.

In addition, consuming 100% acorn-Fed ham Centeno Pozo, we savour healthy food and we help to keep one of the unique ecosystems in the world, "The Dehesa".

Name- Juan Pedro

Position - Director

Experience- 30 years in the industry

Performance - Control of the production of pigs on his own farm, montanera (acorn feeding and other products), slaughterhouse and production in general. Management of the company's purchases and sales.

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